The team involved in the aHEAD project consists of an interdisciplinary, international group of mechanical and biomechanical engineers, neurosurgeons and veterinary surgeons. As a result, the conducted research covers seemingly unrelated areas of science such as mechanics, electronics, numerical methods, medical sciences and industrial design.

Mechanical engineers carry out material experiments on tissues, experiments on advanced numerical dummies. In parallel, numerical models of the head are built taking into account the smallest details of the human body. Such models allow us to reconstruct the behavior of individual organs inside the head during accidents.

A part of the research group deals with the creation of instruments that allow the registration and acquisition of data that will be used to reproduce the kinematics of the head during an accident and body reactions such as pulse, temperature, EEG (Electroencephalography) measurement during an impact.


Using the best practices of industrial design, a headband is being created that integrates all designed systems into one product. The headband will be used for further research and will be used as the forerunner of the final product, which will help improve the diagnostic methods of head injuries in accidents.

The team members, with the background of medical sciences, verify all technical research conducted, giving opinions and translating information collected through medical imaging. The specialists in neurosurgery help to set the biomechanical criteria – regarding the degree and type of head injuries in the considered cases. The medical doctors also explain to the engineers how the brain works and why it is so vulnerable. Thus, the whole team actively participates in scientific research in the field of neurosurgery and biomechanics – this is our strength.